Alleged medical negligence: 10-year-old girl dies after appendicitis surgery

Source: , Posted On:   24 November 2022

A police constable and his family residing in St-Pierre are experiencing a real tragedy. Her 10-year-old daughter passed away in intensive care at Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital yesterday, November 23. The family cries out for medical negligence.

In a statement taken from Line Barracks Police Station, the father of the child explains that his daughter was admitted to Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital on Tuesday 22 November and after being tested she had to undergo a same day appendicitis operation. Her mother had been allowed to stay with her in the room.

During the night of November 22 to 23, according to the parents, the daughter complained of abdominal pain and vomited several times. Still according to the parents, after several calls for help, the Nursing Officers would have indicated to the mother that it was completely normal and that there was nothing to be alarmed without, however, providing care to relieve the pain. of the child.

Around 4 a.m., at the insistence of the mother, the doctor was informed by the Nursing Officers and he immediately requested that the child be transferred to intensive care. The parents say that despite the best efforts of the medical staff in the intensive care unit, their little girl breathed her last around 1:30 p.m.

In the complaint to the police, the father explains that he is of the opinion that his daughter did not receive the necessary care after her operation and that the staff of the room failed in their duty to inform the doctor. According to him, it was only very late that the doctor was made aware of his daughter’s state of health.

An autopsy performed by the medical examiner, Dr. Prem Shaman, determined that the girl died of Aspiration Pneumonia. An investigation has been initiated by the police to determine the exact circumstances of this death. For now, the police have not yet contacted the Ministry of Health and Welfare. According to a source, no complaints have been registered at this stage at Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital.