“Medical negligence in Kinshasa: Suspension of a hospital following the death of a pregnant ...

Source: , Posted On:   09 February 2024

Suspension of a hospital in Kinshasa for negligence in the free care of a pregnant woman and her baby

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is currently shaken by the suspension of a hospital center following alleged negligence in providing free care to a pregnant woman and her baby. The Minister of Public Health, Hygiene and Prevention decided to take severe measures after the tragic death of the pregnant woman and her baby.

In a correspondence dated February 6, the minister announced the suspension of the operation of the Akram hospital center in Kinshasa/Limete. This suspension will last for the time necessary to carry out in-depth investigations to shed light on this matter. It is essential to determine the possible negligence which led to this tragedy.

Furthermore, in another correspondence dated February 7, the secretariat for public health, hygiene and prevention announced the suspension of the medical director of the Kinshasa general hospital, Dr Divengi Nzambi Jean-Paul. The latter is suspended for his alleged involvement in the neglect of the care of the pregnant woman and her baby, which led to their death. This suspension is a disciplinary measure for non-compliance with its responsibilities by guaranteeing free and adequate care for patients.

These measures come following the establishment of free maternity by the Head of State Félix Tshisekedi. This measure aims to provide economic relief to future mothers by offering them access to quality care at no cost. However, it is essential that health institutions respect this decision and provide appropriate care to pregnant women and newborns.

This case highlights the challenges faced in the health sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although free maternity is a major step forward, its implementation requires constant vigilance and improvement of infrastructure and medical practices. It is essential that healthcare professionals respect their duty to care for patients and provide necessary care, especially when lives are at stake.

In conclusion, the suspension of the Akram hospital center in Kinshasa and of the doctor director of the general hospital highlights the importance of guaranteeing adequate and free care for pregnant women and newborns. This case highlights the importance of implementing control and supervision measures to ensure the quality of care in health establishments. It is crucial to put in place accountability and responsibility mechanisms to avoid further incidents of this type in the future.