Failed by the health system, Zim women are turning to courts

Source: , Posted On:   22 January 2023

Her contractions peaked and the screams got louder.

Yet, no one at the government clinic in Harare where she was admitted to give birth, came to check on her.



For over six hours, Letwin Siyampongo lay on the bed, hoping a nurse or a doctor would attend to her.

The moment Siyampongo felt immense pressure and knew the baby was coming out she screamed for help again.

Again, no one came. And just then, her baby son slipped out — falling right onto the bare floor of the clinic.



The baby lay in a pool of blood, crying, and Siyampongo stood there helpless, not knowing what else to do except call for help.

“I was relieved that [at least] he was alive,” she says.

The baby’s head and one eye were injured. After the birth, the nurses came in and wrapped the baby in towels.